Edip Yuksel Monotheist vs David Silverman Atheist TÜRKÇE ALT YAZI Mp3 Download

With Turkish Subtitles
23 June 2011
New Jersey

We reserved 3 rooms, one double, at Affinia Hotel in Manhattan on 3rd Avenue and Lengston. I asked Mrahil to bring the boxes containing about 200 copies of the Quran: a Reformist Translation to the hotel.

The morning of June 24th 2011, I met the film crew at the headquarter of American Atheist Organization. It had a big room and a stage for TV programs. David Silverman was a young and energetic atheist, a proud activist in the cause of fighting religious dogmas and bigotry. After the interview with me he would be joining other atheists to protest Harrisburg Mayor's 'Prayer to Fix the Financial Crisis.' He was enthusiastic about his jihaad.

Before the interview I requested him to print two copies of the release form, which he did. Before the recording started I found him happy and ready for the debate. Unlike Michael Shermer who was way too serious and reserved, David was jubilant and humorous. If I invited him to my balancing game, he would gladly accept. Perhaps, he would even take his chance in an oil-wrestling challenge...