Dark Souls 3: How to get Artorias Armor, Chaos Blade, Hornet Ring + More! In Depth Locations Guide Mp3 Download

Check the description below for a list of all items found in this area!
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Hello all my name is Gidrah and today I'm gonna be show you how to find a secret area in Dark Souls 3 and obtain the following items.
*Chaos Blade
*Gundyr's Weapon
*Artorias Armor Set
*Gundyr's Armor Set
*Prisoner's Chain Ring
*Ashen Estus Ring
*Champion Gundyr's Soul
*Coiled Sword Fragment
*Eyes of a Fire Keeper
*Path of the Dragon Gesture 0:26 - 3:15

Note: If you give the eyes of the fire keeper to the bonfire waifu this unlocks a hidden ending and changes firelight shrines music to the music in the video.

Song used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQBcRzZwULo